Cover of eBook: How to rescue your research conference by going virtual. A calmly, practical guide for meeting planners - from Ex Ordo.

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How to rescue your research conference by going virtual.

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In the eBook

With plenty of communication, a good team and the right tools, you can convert your physical research conference into an engaging online experience. This virtual conference ebook will help you get there.

  • Tips for structuring your virtual programme.
  • Event revenue and sponsorship advice.
  • Helpful hints for attendee engagement.
  • Ways to keep your remote teams on track.
Conference planning virtual e-book
Conference planning virtual e-book

The People Behind the eBook

For more than a decade, we've been helping people power their scientific, technical and medical conferences. Recent events have proven the need for a virtual event contingency plan. And we believe this will become the new norm. So, we've pulled together a collection of lessons and tips to help you give your physical event a new life online.

Paul Killoran
CEO & Founder
Paul is a published researcher who got so frustrated with how bad conference software was that he built Ex Ordo. He’s fanatical about delighting people who use our software. His idea of the perfect evening is an open fire, a Guinness in hand, and a great chat.
Roseann Dunne
Head of Support
As Head of Support, Roseann’s job is to make Ex Ordo customers happy. She loves watching people fall in love with a software product and its people. At one stage, her dream job was to be an air traffic controller. Luckily for us, she chose software support instead.
Dee McCurry
Content Editor
Dee is responsible for writing most of the words at Ex Ordo. She enjoys being the shears that trim the verbiage from the garden of expression. (And taking a metaphor and running with it.) She also loves that Friday almost always means cake day at Ex Ordo.

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